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Where was it when your ride ran out of luck?

Was it near the Utopia or its spiritual sister Sangrila?

Or had luck suddenly salvaged you of your ignorance?

Was your ignorance heading you to the slump?

What is your word for ignorance, ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Freedom’?


How painful is that scar on your face and body?

When does it hurt, by the wind’s rub or when the mirror reflects?

Or is it just the dried crust of the soil you fell upon?

What is this smile, your stubborn reply to reason?

Why did your tear taste salty to tongue but sweet to the soul?


Conceive me in your head once, I wish to be born again.

Not to a mother but to your enigmatic thoughts.

I want to wander around with your thoughts and reasons,

Your wishes and anger, your knowledge and ignorance.

want to watch them born, want to grow with them, into them.Image